How do you manage a big dick ? Some tips for you

Climbing Everest is a human adventure and an extreme surpassing of oneself, one must take one’s courage in both hands and trust oneself completely to reach the summit. Well it’s a bit the same thing when all of a sudden without having conceptualized it or even just imagined it, you find yourself facing a man who has the Himalayas in his underpants.

Indeed, ladies during our sex life we will statistically have the possibility to fall on a caliber out of the ordinary ! Never practiced before, amazing, fantastic, worthy of the book of records and all this just for us because we are worth it. Well, I don’t know if we really deserve it but in any case I know one thing, it’s that we never really expect it.

The contents of a guy’s underpants are kind of a Kinder surprise. Either you have a toy kit that will take you a thousand years to assemble, or you get the super bonus, the gift that everyone wants !!! And yes, there are lucky people in life !ie !

MaBut yes, come on, don’t be ashamed !!! We all dreamed more or less openly that one day we would be face to face with a guy who was spoiled by nature.( Thanks to mainstream porn that constantly shows us guys with big powerful cocks and absolutely nothing else. Too bad because a lot of them also have developed brains but we’ll talk about that in another post)

All women have this fantasy at least once in their lives, at least many straight women will never admit it, especially after having met a couple of oddballs for whom it was more like a “wanted poster”. I have absolutely nothing against small tails, so that it is clear between you and me, but I recognize that I am not calibrated for this kind of format.

This great adventure that life offers us has happened to me many times and I’ll give you some ideas to relax and have fun.

What do we do when we find out our crush is ridden like a racehorse?

  • We breathe and we talk

You start by breathing!! nothing is insoluble in life, even if, here, you are facing the Eiffel Tower and it gives you premature tachycardia. Then we talk !!

It’s probably the first time you find yourself in this situation and the first question you ask yourself is: “It’s never going to fit and besides I’m going to be in pain!”. It’s normal and legitimate, a big gun is always impressive and you don’t always know how to handle it.

However, for your partner, it’s probably not the first time he’s seen a girl swoon at the sight of her intimacy. If he’s educated, which I’m sure he is, he knows that the most important thing is to be able to discuss the subject with you in order to play it down and have fun together.

  • We’re all about foreplay.

First of all it’s super fun and pleasant so it’s out of the question to do without it, then from a more scientific point of view, the preliminaries allow lubrication. Therefore, the more you take your time, the wetter you get and the better the penetration is. CQFD, then to welcome the “heavy weight” of your crush, you have to wait until your vagina relaxes, opens up and is ready to receive it.

  • You don’t force your way in

Penetration must not resemble a barrage forcing. You go in slowly and gently, especially if it hurts and there’s a lot of apprehension expressed. We often feel that our vagina is narrow and therefore not made to receive big, imposing things, but it is designed to fit the penis. It will therefore dilate depending on what goes in or out of it. The proof is that it is designed to allow us to give birth.

Well, if it still hurts, we don’t insist and go back to foreplay.

  • You take the lube out and make it your best friend

As female lubrication is neither automatic nor constant, it is a good idea to have a good lubricant so that everything slides in joy and pleasure. I recommend a water-based lubricant if you use condoms. Otherwise you can use a silicone-based lubricant that dries less quickly and then allows longer and more athletic sex.

Saliva is good, but it will never replace good lubrication, so go in with your eyes closed.

As for condoms, don’t forget, gentlemen, to take your size so that you don’t find yourself in discomfort, puddled in a size that is not yours at all.

  • Positions can be selected where the penetration depth can be controlled

The andromache, (the woman above the man), allows the woman to perfectly control what she wants to let in and the rhythm of the comings and goings. Other positions such as doggy style are possible of course but, for those who are in pain, you should always make sure to keep an adequate angle of penetration (I advise you to close your legs during this one, it helps to manage the penetration).

  • We’re not afraid of fellatio

Big dick means fear of choking or not being able to suck properly. Here too, don’t panic, if you want to give him blowjobs you don’t have to try a deep throat either. I remind you that it is in your partner’s glans that all the nerve endings that lead to pleasure are located. Concentrate on the essentials and enjoy yourself.

Here are a few tips that may help you or give you food for thought if you find yourself in this situation. But as always and you know it, you do things the way you feel, the main thing being that everything goes well and that you have a lot of fun.

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