How to properly massage a man’s prostate or the art of prostatic orgasm

We come back today with a new article about men. After the success of our first Opus on the art of kissing a man’s ass, we’re going to explain to you how to continue on this path and offer him a very pleasant prostatic orgasm.

The prostate area in men is still an area surrounded by many taboos. The pleasure that can be derived from massaging the prostate is therefore not very easily discussed within couples and is not necessarily practiced. However, it has been proven that P-spot stimulation brings much stronger orgasms than penile orgasms. Let’s look at this question together.

What is it and where is the prostate?

The prostate is a small gland which, in addition to its primary function of secreting seminal fluid, is an area of intense pleasure. The flesh of this gland consists of erectile tissue. It is located under the bladder about 7 cm from the entrance of the anus. To reach it, it is thus obligatorily necessary to pass through the anal sphincter which is a very innervated and muscular zone.

To stimulate it, there are two means at your disposal. You can use your fingers, one or two depending on your partner’s comfort, or you can use sextoys for men that have been designed for this purpose.

As you can see, having to go through the inner anal area is not an easy step for men. Many people categorically refuse to have this part of their body used.

How to propose prostatic massage to your man and go beyond society’s taboos?

In an old relationship as in a new one, the essential to all duet practices is communication. You can of course propose prostate massage to your darling, but you will first need to discuss it with him or her and make sure it is ok for him or her. Of course, you should never put a finger in your partner’s anus if you have never talked about it with him, as this could block him for the rest of the session and you will never be able to try this experience together again.

Good communication also means being able to hear the other person’s reticence and fears about the practice. Not everyone has the same degree of openness and it is possible that prostate massage is a great novelty for your darling and that he thinks it is reserved only for homosexuals. You will have to explain to him that it is above all a way to make him discover another way to enjoy, one that is more intense and more interior.

The question of cleanliness can also be a brake, often considered as a dirty area, the anus must be rehabilitated. If your darling feels uncomfortable about not being completely clean, remind him or her that it is always possible to do a small enema with an anal pear. This should calm him down. For the rest, a good shower solves the simplest problems.

How to choose the right position to receive the prostatic massage?

Once you have gone through the first few questions together and feel ready to test, you need to find a pleasant position to receive this caress. Be aware that there is no such thing as an ideal position. The one that will be perfect for you will be the one you feel most comfortable with, gentlemen.

The main thing is to clear your anus, and other erogenous zones such as the perineum, in order to facilitate its penetration. To help you a little we advise you two positions which have proven themselves in the field. The first one consists in placing yourself on your back and bending your legs over your upper body. For more comfort, we invite you to slide a cushion or pillow under your hips.

The second position that also works well is the four-legged position with legs well apart. This way, your anus is revealed to your partner without any hindrance.

But there are many other positions as well, it’s up to you to test what’s best for you.

How is prostatic massage practiced?

Have the right tools and lubricate

Before all massages, one essential thing to remember is to lubricate and not to be thrifty on the subject. It is forbidden to enter without lubrication, contrary to the vagina which is self-lubricating thanks to excitation, the anus does not have this faculty and is fragile.

Another recommendation that makes sense, if you want to practice barehanded, you will have to cut your nails. The inner flesh of the rectum is thinner, more delicate and therefore more likely to be scratched. Also remove your jewels, it would be painful if one of them ends up inside your partner! The hygiene of your hands must also be impeccable because the anus is always a potential source of bacteria.

For more facility, I advise you to use a condom which you will thread on your fingers, there are also finger pads especially conceived for this practice, you will find them in pharmacy in free sale.

Massage gently outdoors and then indoors.

Once you are ready, do not penetrate directly your darling, massage him tenderly the anus outside, taking care to relax his sphincters. The anus is a very erogenous zone, a soft massage will help your partner to relax considerably. When you feel he becomes more supple, gently penetrate the anus, first with one finger and then two fingers if you feel it is possible. Continue to massage very gently with patience and tenderness, and listen to your partner, he is still the best person to guide you.

Find the P-spot and stimulate it well

Dés que vous sentez une petite boule à la texture différente des autres chairs, vous y êtes. Normalement votre partenaire devrait ressentir le besoin d’uriner quand vous la toucher, donc tout au long de votre caresse communiquez avec lui. Une fois dessus, n’utilisez surtout pas vos ongles, mais exercez plutôt de petites pressions douces. Le massage fait gonfler la prostate et la rend donc plus sensible aussi.

Avoid the back and forth that will tend to stimulate the rectum more than the prostate itself, which is not your goal. I advise you to let your fingers be guided by the contractions of the sphincters which act as a natural pump. You can gently bend and unfold your fingers inside. If you use a prostate stimulator, you will find it right away because they are designed to go straight to the point and massage directly.

It is possible to combine fellatio or manual masturbation with prostate massage. Although the sensations are there, it may be more difficult for your partner to come without his penis the first few times. So don’t hesitate to help him/her in this way.

My personal experience

We practice prostatic massage with my Master. Very open on the subject, he has a sextoy dedicated to this effect for his solitary practices and I use my fingers for our duo practices. Having practiced fist for a long time, I am very careful about safety and the instructions that are essential to the good progress of the act. We have adopted the position on our backs with a pillow under our hips, the one where we both feel most comfortable.

I use a very good anal lubricant/relaxant from Piment Rose that I strongly recommend. It is based on essential oils that provide real comfort in terms of penetration.

JI take my time to massage my Master’s anus because I know how much pleasure it brings him. I also like to massage the perineum and all the surrounding erogenous zones such as the thighs and the inner thighs.

I also use fellatio to stimulate both the anus and the penis, I have noticed that with this technique I obtained a better softening of the sphincters which then allowed an easier penetration of the anus.

I use only one finger to explore my Master’s rectum and I go in very gently, caressing his inside with love. I like to take all my time to give him as much pleasure as possible.

As we have been practicing this stimulation for a while, we are accomplices and we manage to trigger very strong orgasms with the prostate. Our next goal is to achieve this without stimulating the penis, only by massaging the prostate.

My Opinion

The prostatic massage is above all a beautiful adventure that can be experienced alone or as a couple. It is essential throughout this practice to remain gentle and attentive to your partner’s reactions. It is he who will guide you according to his feelings. The prostatic orgasm is often surprising for men the first times because it is an inner orgasm more powerful than the one provided by the penis outside. Many men who have experienced this type of orgasm say that it is equivalent to the grail of orgasm.

Don’t forget, however, that prostate stimulation is a practice that can be learned and tamed, so don’t be in too much of a hurry on both sides, take your time and have fun!

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